Several officers with the Robstown Police Department are set to receive Taser guns, but before they are issued the new weapon, they have to experience first-hand what it's like to be tased.

To make that happen, constables at the Nueces County Jail provided some training for the Robstown Police Department Wednesday morning, and that training involved officers receiving an electric charge for five seconds -- the same amount of time they will shock a person who is not complying with police commands.

"It hurts, but you recover right after. It doesn't have a lasting effect like pepper spray," Officer Benjamin Gomez said. "Once it's over, it's over, but it's the longest five seconds of your life."

"It's not as bad as being pepper sprayed, because after the five seconds, you're done. Pepper spray lasts half an hour, depending, on certain people."

Officers said the new crime fighting tool will help to deescalate a situation quickly.