As Memorial Day weekend begins, a local Vietnam veteran is joining the voices of veterans across the country in speaking out against the Veterans Administration system.

Luis Guerrero says the system is not working. It has left him frustrated and begging for answers.

"This is a certificate that was sent to my father, Roosevelt C. Guerrero, from President Barack Obama, our Commander in Chief," Guerrero said.

Guerrero is from Robstown, and is a proud and patriotic American. His father served in World War II, a fact that Guerrero is extremely proud of and displays all over his home. Guerrero himself is a Vietnam era veteran who says the V.A. system is not working for veterans.

"I haven't been able to work for so many years because I can't walk, and when I go in there to see the doctor, they diagnose me as this and that and next and next and next and next you know," Guerrero said. "I'm hurting. I'm behind on my bills, my property taxes, my child support, because I can't work."

Guerrero said there are simply not enough doctors in the V.A. system to be able to give the veterans the kind of time and care that they need and deserve.

"It took forever, years, before I got diagnosed with this, and I can't walk. I've taken medication and, before I get an appointment, I mean, it will take forever," Guerrero said. "My health is killing me, and who knows how many other veterans have to die before we get taken care of, you know? We don't want medals. We don't want honors. We want just to make sure that we get taken care of, our health."

Guerrero said his family believes the greatest honor one can have is to serve their country, and in return, he just wants the country to serve its veterans.

The director of the V.A. Texas Valley Coastal Bend Healthcare System, Robert Walton, said their goal is to see veterans within 14 days of the date that the veteran wishes to be seen.