The Salvation Army delivered fans and food, some basic necessities that will go a long way for a family in need on Thursday.

A Kiii-3News report first told the community about this family's struggle to beat the heat. Since that story aired, there has been a response in the community, and fortunately, they may not have to worry about staying cool anymore thanks to the generosity of the community.

"That's what we're looking for," the Salvation Army's Valentin Garcia said. "To be able to distribute our fans to, I mean, it's called families in need and this definitely is a family in need."

11-year old Isabella has an angelic smile and has a strong spirit, despite going through some difficult challenges. She was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of three. It went into remission for seven years and then came back in March, forcing her mother to quit her job to take care of her.

"There's nobody to take care of your daughter better than yourself, and you know what's going on with them and how it's going to help, how you're going to help her," Isabella's mother Christina Perez said. "That's the only reason I left."

Perez left her job as a McDonalds manager in Mathis to move in with her mother in Corpus Christi. She and her seven kids moved into the two-bedroom house to be closer to Driscoll's Children's Hospital. The house isn't nearly big enough for all of the kids, and up until now, it's been a challenge even to stay cool in the hot South Texas heat. It moved a local man to buy them an air conditioner, which he also gave to them Thursday.

"Everything's going good for me. I've got my health and I wish the best for them," local resident R.P. Perez said. "It's a little I could do, and if she could feel a little cooler in her endeavors, it makes me happy."

Watching cartoons helps Isabella get her mind off of chemotherapy and her treatment, and she's thankful for her brothers and sisters.

"They help me with my shots," Isabella said. "I hate needles."

Isabella and her mother are thankful for the generosity of the community, and hopeful for the future.