The San Diego Police Department made a significant bust on Thursday, netting 19 bags of synthetic marijuana.

San Diego Police Chief Juan Garcia said synthetic marijuana is becoming more and more popular in San Diego, and his department will be cracking down on the illegal substance.

190 grams of Klimax Potpourri synthetic marijuana were found, along with $1,000 in cash, in a vehicle after a routine traffic stop for a violation within city limits.

Garcia said the stuff is plaguing the high schools in San Diego, and that it is more dangerous than the people using the substance think.

"Our local EMS was telling us that they've been having a lot of people that use this drug," Garcia said. "That they've been noticing symptoms of seizures, so it's a real bad drug. It's probably even worse than marijuana, so it's very dangerous, and our goal is, of course, to keep it off the streets."

Police arrested two people, Rudy Tobar Ramirez, Jr., and Erica Nicole Martinez. Both are from Alice and were charged with possession of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance, which are felony charges.

Bond for Ramirez was set at $95,000, and for Martinez it was set at $70,000.

Police said they believe they were going to deliver the synthetic marijuana to San Diego. The cost or value of the synthetic marijuana varies.