San Patricio County health officials are sending out a warning that all pet owners should make sure their animals are up to date with their rabies vaccinations.

The warning follows two recent cases of rabid skunks found in the Lakeshore Garden area of San Patricio County, just off Lake Corpus Christi in Mathis. Officials say that, if you spot a skunk that is out in the daylight or staggering, it is more than likely rabid.

Owners of horses and other livestock are also being urged to make sure those animals are vaccinated as well.

"Both of these are in the Mathis area at this time, but we have no reason to think it's limited to the Mathis area," said Dr. James Mobley, San Patricio County Health Authority. "I'm very concerned that we may have a spreading episode that is spread of the rabies among the local wild animals in the area."

As for Nueces County, health officials say two cases of rabid skunks have been found in the area. Rabies shots are your best defense.