Those of us hoping to get wet and wild next year at the half-billion dollar Schlitterbahn resort that is going to be built on the Island may have to wait. Word is, it won't be opening on time.

Jeff Henry, co-owner of the water park, confirmed that fact.

The Schlitterbahn water park was originally set to open by next Memorial Day, but now that will not be the case, according to Henry.

"I don't believe we're going to make the opening in 2013," Henry said in a phone interview. "I think the opening would be March 2014. I think that's a real, realistic, honest answer that gets us there. I don't think we get there any sooner than that."

Henry said that it was unfortunate that the park opening has been pushed back, but he pointed out that the groundbreaking should have taken place four months ago. If they had broken ground by then, the park would have been ready by 2013.

Henry also said that it will take 18-20 months to build out the park, so there is no way that it can completed now and opened in 2013. He's not worried about the delay though. He actually believes it will help to ensure that what Padre Island gets will be the biggest and best water park. A tight schedule on the hotel he's building at his water park on South Padre Island has caused delays there, and that's not what he wants to happen here.

So, Henry pushed back the schedule to give the project team the time to do a high-quality job here.

Now the first phase of the water park is supposed to be finished by the summer of 2013. That's the deal the City had with Schlitterbahn as part of the $117-million worth of incentives it gave to developers.