Just a few weeks ago on KING 5, we shared a viral video of the adorable moment when a three-month-old little girl saw her mom clearly for the very first time, thanks to some new glasses. Now, we've learned there's a Seattle connection to this sweet story.

The video shot by Devee and Tyson Hafen has now been seen and shared all over the world. In it, you can see their daughter, Taylee Hafen, reacting with joy when she lays eyes on her mom.

It turns out, Taylee's grandparents live in Seattle. So when we found out she and Devee were in town to visit this week, we had to meet them.

"She's doing really well," Devee said of Taylee. "She wears her glasses 24/7 except for when she's sleeping. And she loves them. If I take them away sometimes she'll even cry or yell at me!"

Taylee is now thirteen months old.

Devee works as a NICU nurse in Las Vegas, and says she became concerned about Taylee's vision when she was about two months old.

"I noticed that she couldn't really see us, it just looked like she was looking into space," said Devee. "And as a NICU nurse, I'm trained to look for stuff like that."

Devee took her daughter to the doctor, and her instincts were right. Taylee had a condition that caused her eyes to move uncontrollably and resulted in blurred vision.

The glasses arrived a few weeks later, and Devee said she and her husband had high hopes they would help Taylee.

Before putting them on her, at the last minute, they decided to film that long-awaited moment.

"We put them on her and it was just awesome, having her smile and laugh and just seeing her reaction and how focused she was on my face," said Devee. "It was better than Christmas, honestly."

The couple initially posted the video on YouTube to share the happy experience with their close family and friends. Devee said it sat quietly online for about ten months, before suddenly going viral in September.

The video has now been shared by news organizations all over the world. It's been watched by millions of people.

"It's been really fun to see the reaction," said Devee. "It was a little bit nerve-wracking, putting my daughter out there for the public to see, but it was fun seeing that it wasn't just us being nerdy parents and taking a million pictures. Other people thought it was cute too."

Devee's parents, Taylee's grandparents, said it's something the entire family will remember for years to come. They can't wait to show Taylee some of the news stories about her when she gets older - including this one in their hometown Seattle.

"She'll grow up years from now and look at all of this and go oh my goodness! It's unbelievable," said Randy Churchill. "We need more good stories like this."

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