An inmate death at a private jail facility near Robstown is raising questions. The inmate was a recent graduate of the Navy flight school at Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi.

The death has been ruled a suicide, but the investigation is now being questioned by the agency that oversees the LCS facility. That law enforcement agency is the Nueces County Sheriff's Office, whose detectives were turned away at LCS by U.S. Marshals.

They were told Texas Rangers would be conducting the investigation, and that, says Sheriff Jim Kaelin, is not proper protocol.

"The private prison LCS is under our charge, and we're responsible for the things that go on out there," Kaelin said. "Meaning that the U.S. Marshals service mandate that we make sure that we comply with rules, regulations and law."

It was Saturday when Sheriff Kaelin says he got a call from the LCS warden that an inmate had attempted suicide by hanging himself with a bed sheet, and that the inmate was being transported to Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital. That inmate has been identified as 26-year old Trevor Nash, a recent graduate of the Navy's flight school at NAS-Corpus Christi.

According to sources, Nash was preparing to be transferred to helicopter training school when he was arrested on charges of piracy.

3News contacted the U.S. Marshals out of Houston in hopes of obtaining more information regarding the charges, and why Texas Rangers and not the Nueces County Sheriff's Office are heading up the investigation. We have yet to get a response.

In the meantime, Sheriff Kaelin says he too is attempting to get some answers.