"We dodged a bullet" -- that's how one city official described the potentially deadly freezing weather we had in Corpus Christi Friday morning.

Residents heeded the warnings and many stayed off the streets during the morning rush hour. There were six road closures due to the weather, and two accidents altogether.

Kiii News Reporter Brian Burns went Live from the Harbor Bridge, where those accidents occurred.

Despite sanding and police patrols, a sudden dip in temperatures caused some slipping and sliding. Both of Friday morning's accidents happened at around 7:30 a.m. on the Harbor Bridge.

Katherine Adams was involved in one of those accidents. She slammed into a car while both were trying to avoid another vehicle.

"As I was coming over the bridge, you could see people starting to slow down, so I started pushing on the brakes. There was absolutely no braking whatsoever. It was already icing," Adams said. "I started stomping the brake, and as I got over, you could see that there was a red truck that had already hit an icy patch and he was completely sideways on the bridge."

According to Adams, the only injury was her pride after she got out of her car and slipped.

"Everybody watching me slide and fall on my rear end was probably the most painful to my pride," Adams said.

Sanders were on the job on lots of bridges and overpasses throughout the city, but no other traffic accidents were reported.