A high school freshman provides meals to end childhood hunger nationwide and creates blankets for those who need it here in the Coastal Bend; but that's just half of her story.

Christina Perez has taken the initiative in giving back to the Beeville Community. Her parents say it all started with her participation in the Great American Bake Sale four years ago -- a project that helps end childhood hunger.

"I'm just really excited to do this next bake sale this summer, because I hope it's going to be bigger and better," Christina said.

She said baking the goods is a piece of cake, but when she's not working hard in the kitchen to raise funds, Christina's parents say she makes baked goods for those who might go hungry during the holidays, like the Sanchez family.

During Thanksgiving, 3News reported that the family would have seen less food on their table around the holiday because of a cut to food stamp benefits. That story touched Christina's heart, so much so that she decided to jump into action and create Thanksgiving desserts and hand-knit blankets for the Sanchez family.

"I was totally shocked," Paula Sanchez said. "I didn't expect them to come over and give us stuff. A little bit shocked."

"I was watching news and it was very heart touching and I wanted to help this family, because I didn't want them to not have anything on their table," Christina said.

That's not all. Christina also found time to donate to Toys for Tots, and participated in various food drives. Her hard work was even recognized by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Christina said giving back has given her so much in return, and she wants to continue helping others in the future.

Her parents, as you can imagine, are extremely proud of Christina.

"It makes me feel so good, and I have a feeling that in the future, when she pursues whatever, the heart will only grow," said Daisy Hinojosa, Christina's mother.

"We are very proud of what she has done and we are just very happy for her," said Victor Hinojosa, Christina's father.

"I just plan on to keep on doing this throughout my high school years, and once I am on my own, I still want to help everything," Christina said.

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