A once homeless man has made it his life to volunteer every day of the week. For over a year and a half, he has never missed a chance to help those in need.

It may look like a restaurant, but it's really the Salvation Army kitchen, and that's where James Spilman volunteers.

"We try to make sure it doesn't feel like it's a soup kitchen," Spilman said. "We try to put out good food, as good as we can. It's almost as good as restaurants."

Behind the scenes, there are several cooks in action, including Spilman. He has volunteered his time at the Salvation Army kitchen for over a year and a half.

"I cook the breakfast there and I help out whenever they need help during the day," Spilman said.

He's in charge of cooking breakfast, but he also helps serve lunch, and even helps out during dinner. He hasn't missed a single day since he started volunteering. He himself used to be homeless.

"They put their heart into it," Salvation Army Case Manager Valentin Garcia said. "It's just like they are at home cooking their meal for their own family. That's what it is here. A big family."

The Salvation Army saw how hard Spilman was working and they gave him his own room. They tried to put him on their staff payroll, but he declined. He gets money from his Social Security, and he says that's enough for him.

"In his eyes, he has given back in what we helped him out with when he was down in his luck," Garcia said.

Spilman said he just loves giving back, especially to the kids who stay at the shelter with their families.

"I enjoy working with them, talking with them, and making them feel more comfortable about being at a shelter like this," Spilman said.

Spilman is not only an inspiration for those around him, but he is also Someone to Know.

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