Spring Break is over, and most students are back in school, but many left the Coastal Bend area with a big fine to pay after TABC officers found them drinking.

Officers from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission were out patrolling last week, driving up and down the beaches looking for minors who were drinking. They stayed mostly in the Port Aransas area to help out the Port Aransas Police Department.

Officers worked a total of eight days, and issued a total of 296 citations to minors between the ages of 17 and 20 in possession of alcohol. Five citations were issued to juveniles under the age of 17, and five were issued for failure to produce identification.

They did arrest two young ladies who continued to lie about the identities, but TABC said the numbers are actually lower than in previous years.

The citations start off at $370.

TABC said that the majority of citations that ware given out were issued to minors from all over the state. They also conducted a minor sting operation and found that the Snappy's store on Highway 361 in Port Aransas sold to a 17-year old minor that the TABC used as bait.