Texas schools hoping to become sanctuary campuses could risk losing more than a decreased student population, who disagrees with their stance.

According to a tweet from Governor Greg Abbott, he will not tolerate sanctuary campuses or cities in Texas. He also added state funding would be cut from any school that established a sanctuary status.

Abbott was questioned about his feelings about the issue from a twitter user, who pointed out Texas State was petitioning to become one.

More than 800 people have already signed that petition advocating for school leaders to take proactive measures to protect minorities and underrepresented populations on campus.

However, Abbott has remained firm in his beliefs to block all attempts for institutions and cities to claim sanctuary status.

Nov. 27 the Texas governor tweeted he would sign a law banning sanctuary cities and cut their funding.

An online petition is making the rounds on social media to make Texas A&M University -Corpus Christi a sanctuary campus.