The Texas House of Representatives is set to vote on the state budget bill Thursday. Representatives have pre-filed 400 amendments, which will make for an hours-long debate.

Passing a budget is the only thing the Texas Legislature is constitutionally required to do. This session the Senate passed it's version first, sending it to the House where representatives will amend it. Then both chambers will assign a committee to hash out the differences.

Austin Representative Celia Israel (D) filed an amendment to prohibit using state money to build a border wall in Big Bend State Park. Another representative, Valoree Swanson (R-Spring) wants to prohibit using state money to build, renovate or reclassify restrooms so that people of the opposite sex can use them.

The major difference between the House and Senate when it comes to the budget is the Rainy Day Fund.
Several Representatives want to tap into it while the Senate as a whole does not.