There was plenty of excitement at Driscoll Children's Hospital Friday afternoon as a group of professional surfers cruised the hallways armed with some goodies and even a ukulele in hand.

The athletes are from the Mauli Ola Foundation, a California-based nonprofit that was formed in 2007 after a group of surfers decided to introduce their sport to those suffering from cystic fibrosis. The group came to town to do that on Saturday, but on Friday, they wanted to visit the kids in the hospital who can't get out and enjoy the water.

"Try to bring a little bit of smiles to the kids faces, you know? Just trying to get their minds off of the daily stress," Pro Surfer Sunny Garcia said. "I don't know. It just brings a smile to us if we can make them happy for just a little bit."

Sunny Garcia is one of the top surfers in the world, having won the 2000 World Championship in professional surfing.

If you would like to make a donation to the foundation you can do so by clicking here.