A superhero turned villain? We'll not really.

A man wearing a Spider-man mask, and armed with a hatchet robs a local convenience store Saturday morning.

He's the iconic web slinging Superhero who is idolized by millions of kids around the world.

Spider-man is usually the one fighting crime, but Saturday morning, it seems the superhero is accused of committing one.

It was at Staples and Annapolis, where a man donning the superhero's mask and armed with a hatchet swung by the Stripes store and robbed it. He got away with a number of items. Luckily no one was hurt.

News of the crime had other costumed superheroes and even masked villains speaking out about the not so friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

Dean Fritsch, the owner of Texas Toys told 3 News, "it's setting a bad example for kids in real life when they got this vision of super hero helping out. They need to have that good example out there and when stuff like this happens, it kind of kills it. I hate to see it."

Police say there was no Peter Parker behind the mask.

While that mask hid the person's true identity, police say the imposter may have left one important clue behind, his finger prints.

Police described the thief as a hispanic male, average height and may have gotten away in a black passenger car.