It was a chaotic scene, as neighbors and emergency crews worked to rescue two men after an SUV crashed into a house on Tarlton near Greenwood. One of those men was trapped inside a home, and the other was trapped inside of his vehicle.

Neighbors tell us they were sound asleep this morning when they were awaken by a loud crash.

They came outside and found a car inside their neighbors home and they immediately jumped into action.

The accident happened at around 4 Sunday morning.

When officers arrived they found two victims trapped -- one inside the car and and another man who lived inside the home was run over and stuck under his couch.

Officers say it was a bit of a challenge to get them both out.

Neighbor Michael Langley told 3 News, "my first thought was to come out and help out! The kids were alright but I didn't know they had gotten out the back door so when I seen him trapped in the car I could see his feet moving like that."

First responders were able to free the man in the SUV and the home-owner in about 30 minutes.

Both the driver and the home-owner were taken to the hospital.

Police took a blood draw of the driver to see if alcohol was a factor.

Charges are pending.