A club brawl at Club Cielo this weekend has the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission investigating after three minors were arrested for drinking.

The call came in to police after shots were fired outside of the local club. When police arrived, the people who fired the shots had already left.

It all happened at around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday. Club bouncers used pepper spray to try and stop the fight before police arrived.

Police were able to arrest four people, three of which were under 21 years of age, and had been drinking. TABC will see if anything could have prevented those minors from getting the alcohol.

They also said that, most of the time, minors get the alcohol from another adult who buys it for them.

Investigators will try and talk to people at Cielo and perhaps even interview the minors who were arrested.

"And if we can't make any headway, or if we determine if the best way to operate or conduct this investigation is to conduct an undercover operation, we will do that," TABC Lt. Larry Linscombe said.

TABC said that they do have previous complaints from people saying that minors were drinking at the club, but they have not made any cases on the club. If they can prove that an employee did sell the alcohol, the club could face a suspension or fine.

It is also a violation for an adult to give out alcohol to a minor, and they could also face fines and jail time if they are caught.