An assistant professor at Texas A&M University-Kingsville is part of an international research paper that has ended up being spotlighted in the New York Times and on Reuters.

The paper took a look at the question of whether more diversity in the stock market workplace would mean fewer market crashes. Here is what the research showed.

"In New York Stock Exchange, perhaps there should be more diversity, more scholarships given to allow people of different backgrounds to be able to compete and learn and become a part of the trading," Dr. Valerie Bartelt said.

Bartelt is an assistant professor at TAMUK and is one of only a handful of researchers who helped with the study. Others involved were from places like MIT and Columbia University.

Part of the research was actually done at TAMUK. It took a look at how white, black and Hispanic individuals trade stocks. The experiment was said to prove out that more diverse groups tend to think more deeply and make better decisions than those who are alike and go along with the crowd.

By the way, the paper also made its way into the prestigious National Academy of Sciences Journal.