Kevin Davis, the 18-year old accused of killing his mother by strangulation, allegedly beating her with a hammer and stabbing her in the head, pleaded not guilty in the 214th District Court Thursday morning.

Davis was officially indicted on murder charges on Friday, June 20. It was March 27 when the body of Davis' 50-year old mother, Kimberly Hill, was found lying on the floor of her apartment in the 4300 block of Kostoryz Road.

Davis was arrested later that day after riding his bike to the Robstown area and going to a house on County Road 61. According to an arrest affidavit, he confessed to a couple living in that house that he had killed his mom. The couple called the Nueces County Sheriff's Department, who then contacted the Corpus Christi Police Department to check on Hill.

The arrest affidavit detailed Davis confessing to police that he had strangled his mother with a power cord before striking her in the head with a hammer, and then stabbing her in the head. The affidavit also stated that Davis told police he had planned on killing his sister, but she never came home, and that he told police he "had the urge to kill again."

The affidavit also described the crime scene, noting that Davis left his bloody clothes behind at his mother's apartment, along with notes detailing his crime.

Davis' bond was set at $2 million. His trial is scheduled to begin July 21.