For the third time this week a driver has said he or she was blinded by the sun, leading to an accident.

On Thursday night, the same explanation was given after a tragic accident on Morgan and Santa Fe, which claimed the life of a 13-year old boy.

The accident happened just before 6 p.m. Thursday. Police said the driver of a Honda ran a red light and was t-boned. The impact sent the vehicle into a black car that was sitting at a light.

A 13-year old boy was ejected from the Honda, and was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said the sun apparently prevented the driver from seeing the red light.

"There's some speculation that maybe the sun was in the eyes of the operator, because the blue van went through the red light," said Kirk Stowers of the Corpus Christi Police Department. "They are looking if the sun was a contributing factor."

Three other people inside of the Honda were transported to the hospital to be checked out.