Many chose to spend this Fourth of July at the beach, and that led to quite a traffic crunch. A steady stream of motorists made their way over the JFK Causeway all day.

People were celebrating by both land and sea, firing up barbecue pits, playing horseshoes, surfing and enjoying the water.

"We are hanging with our family and friends, enjoying the sunshine," beach goer Jessica Febry said. "I'm from a landlocked state, so this is amazing to be out here on the beach."

"Tons of people," Amanda Patterson said. "We parked out here at, I think they put tents up last night, and got out here at like eight o'clock this morning to put our cars out because we just knew it was going to be a battle fighting to get a spot."

As people leave the beach and head back to the mainland, however, traffic was completely backed up.

Kiii News Reporter Mike DaSilva went Live from Padre Island with a look at how things were going.