Piles and piles of records all over this Corpus Christi home near McCardle.

"Inside the house, outside the house and another building outback ," said Wade Jones who is selling his fathers record collection.

Over 40-thousand different albums were all once part of Wade Jones fathers collection. After his father passed away Jones has been trying to find them a new home.

"It's just overwhelming to much stuff to deal with,"said Jones

Jones Father had been collecting records since the 80's. And for record collectors from all over the US it's like finding a gold a mine.

"What you have stepped in to is a timepiece of this mans life," said Evangelino Trejo Jr a collector.

Trejo is one of the many collectors who were lucky enough to find this home. And he spent hours looking through trying to find their favorite ones


"Its always intriguing looking through somebody's stuff. Its like going back in the past," said Trejo.

One collector who found out about the record sales even flew in from Tennessee just to see what hidden treasures he could find.

"He spent 3 days in here, he spent like 25 hundred dollars all on 45's," said Jones.

Even though these records are selling for a dollar a piece. To some the memories it holds are worth more.

"Sometimes is worth it to hold on to a little piece of time so you can share it with someone else that might not have had that chance to been born or been around or even know what that is like," said Trejo.

And although it might just look like piles of junk this is another mans treasure.