We have new information on the story involving a local pastor accused of inappropriate conduct.
The church leader is currently being investigated by the Catholic Diocese.
Sunday, we have learned the alleged incident took place between 25 and 30 years ago. The accusation of inappropriate conduct was made against Monsignor Michael Heras, a well known church leader within the catholic community.
Monsignor Heras was most recently the Pastor at St. Peter Prince of the Apostles Parish in Corpus Christi.
Prior to that, he was the long time Pastor at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
3 News has confirmed that Monsignor Heras is no longer in public ministry and is currently under supervision.
Information for the criminal investigation has been turned over to the district attorney's office according to church officials.
As of today, the investigation is ongoing and a final conclusion has not been reached.
The Diocese of Corpus Christi says they are not giving any further comments, but in their official statement, they did tell us that "the churches and schools, continue to be committed to protecting children and young persons.
Any accusation of inappropriate conduct, made against a church worker or employee of the diocese is always taken seriously and fully investigated regardless of the age of the victim or the amount of time that has passed."