Those who live along the Nueces River have been warned of the risk of possible flooding as water was released from the Wesley Seale Dam on Thursday.

The release was dubbed necessary due to large inflows coming into Lake Corpus Christi.

Kiii News Reporter Mike DaSilva went Live from Labonte Park, where those releases will be passing through.

The water being released will go all the way from Lake Corpus Christi past Labonte Park, and then across the saltwater barrier and into the bay.

Gate 27 at the Wesley Seale Dam was opened for a release Thursday afternoon, gushing water into the Nueces River. The releases were done so that the structural integrity of the dam is not compromised, and to avoid any major flooding downstream.

The decision to release the water was made once the levels at Lake Corpus Christi reached 88 feet, all thanks to recent rains.

"We're going to have more than we can hold, and according to the National Weather Service, we have so much water coming in that we need to start releasing at this point in time," said David Lozano, work coordinator at the Wesley Seale Dam.

Lozano said that, to prevent flooding, they do not want to wait until the last minute, when the lake is at full capacity, before they begin doing the releases.

Because of the elevated lake levels in Lake Corpus Christi, the boat ramps have been reopened for the public to use.