There were some students at one elementary school today who got to go home early. That after the power went out which of course meant no air conditioning and it was the main reason for the early dismissal.

Some of those parents and grandparents had to leave work to come and pick up their kids and then try and find someone to watch them until they got home.

Three News spotted Jessica Gutierrez leaving the school with her children. The single mother of 4 works in the finance department at Del Mar College.

"I was out at work, so yeah, it is a little inconvenience but hey, things happen are you going to have to stay home the rest of the day? I'm going to leave them with a sitter I have to go back to the office," said Gutierrez.

She along with the rest of the parents and grandparents were left scrambling to find someone to watch their kids after a transformer blew out causing the school to go dark at 9:00 AM Wednesday morning.

"We were told that the light was off and I asked them if there's going to be school tomorrow and they said yes," said Diana Palmerin, grandmother of a Zavala student.

Classes continued on, but then as the lunch hour approached the lack of air conditioning began to really be felt. That's when the decision was made to send everyone home for the day.

"As far as I know a transformer went out and then they replaced the transformer and when they turned it on it hit another transformer and that transformer went out. And so it was a cascade effect from what I understand," says Zavala Elementary Principal Jaime Gonzales.

The school did offer parents the option of allowing their children to eat lunch at the school before they headed home.

The power was restored early Wednesday afternoon and the great news for parents is that school is back on for Zavala students Thursday morning.