A lady living in a mobile home near Banquete now has a better appreciation for the power of Mother Nature. Last week's windstorm peeled back the roof of her home.

The problem is, she doesn't have the means to fix it, and does not know what to do next.

Trudy Branch, 51, said she has been living in her home for 22 years, and during that time she has seen some pretty high winds, even winds stronger than those of last Monday; but this is the first time the winds have caused damage to her home.

It was a week ago when the winds peeled back to tin roof of her trailer home on Farm to Market Road 666 near Banquete, leaving a gaping hole over one of the home's bedrooms. The winds blew debris and insulation all over the yard.

Branch was not home at the time of the windstorm, and she said that when she returned, she was shocked to see the damage. She does not have insurance and she does not know who to turn to.

"I feel real helpless, because I've got, as you see, a brace, and so I really can't do much for myself," Branch said. "See if anybody out there can help me. I don't know what to do. I don't know, I don't work. I'm on disability, and so I get very little, and so I wouldn't have the money to fix it."

Branch said the American Red Cross provided her with a tarp. The good news, Branch said, is that it hasn't rained since the windstorm. She said cleaning up and fixing the damage the winds caused is going to take a lot of work, and she doesn't know where to start.

Since this happened, Branch said she has been staying with a friend. If you would like to help her, you can reach her at 361-726-1246.