After 40 years of serving the Corpus Christi community, come Friday, March 29, the YWCA childcare program will come to an end.

The decision came from the YWCA's board of directors after determining there are enough childcare programs available throughout the city. The program cared for children from infant to pre-school ages, and employs six people.

"One of the important values that the YWCA has is we start programs that are needed in the community, and then when we find that they are being duplicated and there are lots of other options, we move out of that and look at other gaps and services for our community," YWCA President Nancy Wesson-Dodd said. "So that was a responsible decision by our board of directors, but it was also a very tough one."

The YWCA's childcare program has space for more than 100 children, but is currently only caring for 45. A family liaison is helping families locate childcare services elsewhere.