The Calallen-Tuloso-Midway postponed game from last Friday could be nearing a resolution, as Calallen has offered to forfeit the game.

The game was postponed indefinitely in the second quarter when the two teams got into a shoving match. Several students and fans ran onto the court and had to be separated.

Calallen has already been mathematically eliminated while T-M was locked in a tight battle with Gregory-Portland for the final zone playoff spot in the North. The Warriors (4-3) beat G-P (3-5) Friday night to sweep the season series and push the Wildcats to the brink of elimination, making that postponed game close to a moot point.

The only way it becomes an issue is if T-M were to lose its last two games against Alice and Miller, and G-P were to win its last two games. G-P says if the postponed game becomes relevant, it will take the matter before the 30-5A District Executive Committee.