When your head coach wears a hoodie with the word fight across the chest don’t expect him to get too bent out of shape when this happens.

“You like that,” Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said.

“You’d rather have to dial it back than you know constantly have to light a fire under your guys or guys who are very passionate about football. They love to play. They love to work at it.”

Tensions simmered in the cowboys second day of full camp then boiled over with several skirmishes going down. Defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford, donning full pads for the first time in camp, was at or near more than his share of flash points.

“I was a little angry you know about yesterday just sitting back and watching and I guess my emotions got the best of me,” Crawford said.

Of course fighting is nothing new in this setting, but we thought it was a little early in camp for tempers to flare repeatedly. What we found is that because they put on full pads so infrequently nowadays, when they do strap them on, players are more apt to take the chance to release some pent up frustrations.

“When you’re able to put the pads on a lot of people would kinda go full speed and get that energy,” Dallas offensive lineman Travis Frederick said.

“Sometimes there’s a little anger that gets kinda pent up and released on those days you have pads.”

With Ezekiel Elliott driving the cowboys’ offense, physicality is a must and they’re certainly taking an aggressive approach.

“That’s part of being physical. Things are gonna happen,” Frederick said.

“Your hands are gonna slip and get up in a guys’ throat where it’s not supposed to. You remove it but it wasn’t fast enough. You know there’s a lot of stuff that goes into it. There are so many older guys there that were working together. We know that we’re a team and we know that we need each other to be able to be successful through the years so working together to make it better.”

Even if working together means kicking each other’s butt every now and then.