The playoff hype has come a little early.

Preseason district 30-5A favorite Calallen hosts upstart and undefeated Ray. The winner of the blitz Game of the Week will likely be the North Zone champion, and will play for a district title in Week 11.

Throw the Coachspeak and cliches out the window.

“It’s just not another game. No sir,” Ray linebacker Brandon Villarreal told 3Sports.

“It’s personal for all of us guys. They’re a really big team.”

“If you’re gonna be district champion, you have to win,” Calallen head coach Phil Danaher said.

“This game is a little bit bigger because we’re playing an undefeated team.”

Okay, maybe we’ll use one cliche. Defense wins championships. The Texans have only given up nine points per game this season.

“I’ll tell you one thing though, we’re ready to go. We’re excited about this game,” Ray head coach Craig Charlton said.

”We’ve got to keep their offense off the field and our defense has got to buckle up.”

The only defense better than Ray’s? Calallen, allowing eight points per game.

“We’re pretty solid on the outside. Not many people run outside on us,” Danaher said when asked how to contain Ray’s running game and scrambling quarterback Brad Breckenridge

“The quarterback and the running back, they’re both good players but we’ve played against a lot of good players over these last two years,” Wildcats senior defensive back Forrest Crisp said.

“We’re pretty experienced so we’re gonna be just fine.”

You thought Danaher field was already loud during Calallen home games? Ray’s bleacher creatures will also be traveling.

“It’s gonna be loud. I’m gonna have to be louder on the field,” Calallen quarterback Gaige Lamb said of the crowd noise.

“We brought four buses to Alice last week and I’m sure we’re going to bring more to Calallen,” Charlton said.

“Our school is excited to have the opportunity to play in such a big game.