We are entering what has been called one of the worst weekends for auto accident deaths in the nation, and the National Safety Council says July 4 is often the worst one-day holiday for accidents.

Last year in Texas, there were more than 43,000 traffic accidents in July and 312 crash related deaths. Officials say those numbers continue to grow.

According to the National Safety Council, Fourth of July weekend is one of the worst for traffic deaths all year, second only to Memorial Day weekend.

Last year, July 4 fell on a Monday making it an unusual weekend. Corpus Christi police said the number of DWI arrests from July 1-5, 2016, was a total of 18. With this year's holiday falling on a Tuesday, police are not expecting a change.

Last year's DWI arrest numbers

The Department of Public Safety will be working with local police around the Coastal Bend this weekend.

"Bottom line is we don't want you to drink and drive. We want you to be able to get there safely," DPS Sgt. Nathan Brandley said. "Use a designated driver. Have somebody else, you know, use Uber now. They're back and around the area. Use a taxi. Do something other than put your life at risk and put other people's lives at risk out there on the roadway."

The Insurance Institute says on average, the two worst days for traffic deaths are New Year's Day and July 4, with 41-percent of the deaths happening on July 4 and 51-percent on Jan. 1 involving high blood alcohol concentrations. This compares with 33-percent on Dec. 25.

So take advantage of all the ride share companies, the RTA, cab companies or designated drivers to get you to and from those holiday celebrations.