Every year Cars.com scrutinizes all of the brand new and redesigned vehicles and chooses its best of the year, and this year it's a minivan!

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, to be exact. I know what you're thinking: What could be so great about a minivan? Well, it was up against everything from a two-seat convertible to an SUV, and this replacement for the long-running Town & Country proved to be the best of its class.

For the Best Of we look for quality, innovation and value. The quality is certainly here, in the form of one of the best touch-screen control systems anywhere, called Uconnect.

The optional Uconnect Theater backseat entertainment system lets you watch a Blu-ray disc or video streamed from a mobile device, and provides games kids can play individually or against each other.

The returning champion, optional Stow 'N' Go seats, are improved and operate simpler than any comparable seat. If you're willing to do without these seats you get giant storage bins.

The innovations are also plentiful, starting with side doors that open at a touch or a wave of the foot.

The value is also there, with a starting price below $30,000 with destination, well-equipped. Who needs an SUV when a minivan is this nice? It’s the best of 2017.