A family from Alice, Texas, dodged not one but four hurricanes in just a matter of weeks. They returned to the Coastal Bend Sunday at the Corpus Christi International Airport.

Miguel Elizondo and his family were met with open arms. The native of Alice returned home after a harrowing ordeal with Hurricane Maria.

Elizondo, a medical student at Ross University on the island of Dominica, was living there with his wife and their two kids. Their ordeal with Mother Nature's wrath started with Hurricane Harvey hitting Dominica as a tropical wave.

Then came Irma.

Miguel and his family left to Puerto Rico to escape Irma.

"Puerto Rico is in the direct path of Irma. So Irma is coming in this direction and when we get there its a Category 2," Elizondo said.

The Elizondos were able to catch a flight out of Puerto Rico to Orlando, Fla., and then made the drive back to Texas.

"We get home, we stay another week because there's another hurricane that's coming to the Caribbean, Jose," Elizondo said.

Dominica dodged Jose and the Elizondos returned to school.

"So now I go to two days of school and then that weekend, Maria develops," Elizondo said. "I think what, like in six hours it went from a 3 to a 5 maybe."

They ended up riding out Hurricane Maria in a tiny apartment, but had to evacuate because water starting getting inside. They ended up at a building on the university campus equipped with a generator.

The devastation from the storm was horrific. Students were told to leave the island, but had to wait for a ship to arrive.

"This was a 13-hour boat ride that we had to take to Saint Lucia because that was the closest international airport," Elizondo said.

The Elizondos were among 1,300 people evacuated that day. They were flown to Miami on Friday and boarded a plane home Sunday.

Now, Elizondo said he is anxious to return to school.

"They told us that school will start up again, they just don't know where," Elizondo said.

Elizondo said it doesn't matter where, as long as he can finish up his final semester.

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