Some Aransas Pass residents are dealing with the reality that the place they call home is no longer there.

KVUE Reporter Jason Pucket was there Sunday as some of those residents saw first-hand what Hurricane Harvey did to their homes.

Even in the dark morning hours, the damage in Aransas Pass looks rough; and as the sun lights up the area, the true depth is daunting.

"The shock and destruction it was...shocking," Thomas Watkins said. "Enough to bring some tears to my eye, but I also expected it."

Watkins decided to leave the area late Thursday -- a decision he didn't make easily.

"I've been in this spot for two years and I made my home here," Watkins said.

A hard choice, but one he knew was right when he returned after Harvey. There, in the spot where he used to live, he found a huge limb.

"My bathroom closet space and my shower. All that would be right here," Watkins said.

Amazingly, most of his outdoor belongings were okay, and as he gets ready to clean up and bring his home back, he can't help but think how close he was to staying.

"They don't want to leave their homes for anything," Watkins said. "I don't care if it's just an RV trailer or anything. Wherever you make your home is your home and nobody wants to leave their home."