Dr. Michelle Mulder delivers babies every week, but last Friday she was performing an emergency C-section in the middle of Hurricane Harvey.

“The head nurse came in and asked me if we could kind of hurry on this one because we really knew we were about to lose power,” Mulder said.

They finished the surgery in 20 minutes, and just 15 minutes later the hospital lost power.

Meanwhile, down the hall in the hospitals NICU was Mulder’s granddaughter Savannah, born over two and half months early. Doctors made the decision to evacuate Savannah to San Antonio because she was on a ventilator and would not be able to breathe if the power went out.

“That's what made me nervous,” Mulder said. “That's what made me cry.”

Mulder said having a grandchild who is relying on the critical care of doctors made her even more determined to finish that emergency c-section before the power went out, unsure if backup generators would be able to start in time.

That baby was born safely, and Savannah is now back home safe too.