Port Aransas High School students started their school year Tuesday in an unfamiliar place after their own campus sustained damage from Hurricane Harvey.

The devastation left behind by Harvey left their school in unsafe condition.

"The high school suffered some roof damage as well as some flooding damage," said Jim Potts, Principal of Port Aransas High School. "There's some brick and mortar issues that we're going to have to deal with."

Potts said almost 100 of his students have registered to attend classes at Flour Bluff High School this year. Those students will likely be at that campus over the next month as they away the reopening of their high school.

Faculty and staff will receive support from the school district as they deal with the aftermath of Harvey as well, Potts added.

"They need their paycheck. They will get their paycheck, and Port Aransas is not going to leave them out to dry," Potts said.

Despite being at an unfamiliar new school, many Port Aransas students walked into class Tuesday to be greeted by some familiar faces.

"10 of my teachers showed up today to provide a familiar face, and I showed up myself, and our students were very appreciative of that, along with the parents who were coming to enroll their students," Potts said.

Senior Dylan Denton said the familiarity eased his worries.

"It really helped. It made me feel a lot better, just seeing people I know, especially teachers that are supportive as ours," Denton said. "It really helped me loosen up, relax, not be as nervous."

Denton believes this experience in a new school will prepare him for what lies ahead.

"It will be really good for college," Denton said. "See different teachers. See different people. Be around a lot of people that I don't know and haven't grown up with. In Port Aransas I know everybody because I've grown up with them."

As for what lies ahead for the rest of the Port Aransas students, Potts said their pride runs deep and they will persevere.

"Our students are strong. They're smart," Potts said. "Very strong community that they are involved in, and it will be just fine."