Cutting red tape, opening lines of communication and streamlining the recovery process are the main points of Governor Greg Abbott's new restoration plan for Texas.

The governor was in Corpus Christi Thursday to discuss rolling out that new plan, called the Governor's Commission to Rebuild Texas.

"Texas must step up and begin the rebuilding process," Abbott said.

Surrounded by federal, state and local officials, the announcement ushered in not only the governor's plan to get the Gulf Coast back up and running, but also the appointment of the man who will be in charge of it -- Texas A&M University Chancellor John Sharp. Both will focus on one critical task.

"That is to rebuild Texas ahead of schedule, under budget and with great customer service," Abbott said.

The governor said Sharp was chosen to lead the effort specifically because of his leadership skills.

"I found that person in a former state representative and former state senator who has represented much of the region that has been impacted by this disaster," Abbott said.

The governor touted the former railroad commissioner's abilities in organizational management.

"I needed someone with a unique set of skills," Abbott said. "Someone who knows how to work with local leaders, with state leaders, as well as with federal leaders. Someone who has an intuitive feel for the communities and the people who are affected by these challenges."

Sharp will be the point person for the State's post-hurricane rebuilding effort and will report directly to the governor.

Abbott said the process will take time, but Texans will get it done.

"This task force will serve as a single point of contact for the communities for the following: one is to insure that we efficiently and effectively bring the resources of all state agencies together to assist you and all of your needs," Abbott said.

The governor said Texas must step up and begin with swift and effective restoration, and he said it can only start with opening the lines of communication.