The House of Representatives approved Wednesday nearly $8 billion in Hurricane Harvey relief funding in a bipartisan vote.

The bill was approved in a 419-3 vote, with three Republicans voting against the proposal.

$7.5 billion will go toward FEMA's disaster relief, and $450 million will help pay for disaster loans through the Small Business Association.

Congressman Blake Farenthold supported the funding and said FEMA would have run out of money this week and is glad the bill was passed.

"This will primarily be used for emergency individual assistance and the things that FEMA is doing right now," Farenthold said by phone Wednesday. "There will be another bill that will come through at Congress once all the local governments tally up all the damage and file claims with FEMA."

The measure will now go to the Senate. Congress is expected to send the package to the White House for President Trump's signature later this week.

"I think this is a good start. It shows that the American people care about the folks in Texas who suffered so much in this horrible hurricane," Farenthold said. "Irma looks like it's going to hit Florida pretty hard, so these two disasters this year are going to be very expensive."

Farenthold said the amount of money that Corpus Christi will receive depends on the number of people who applied for assistance with FEMA. In order apply with FEMA you can go online to

You must make a claim within 60 days.