If you've driven around Corpus Christi recently, you may have noticed a new type of business enterprise on the side of the road -- t-shirts for sale celebrating the fact that we survived Hurricane Harvey.

Opinions about the shirts are mixed, with some accusing businesses of trying to capitalize on a tragic event.

While some think the shirts are funny, or a memory from a historic storm, others said the shirts are insensitive to those who lost everything, with none of the proceeds from the t-shirt sales going to victims.

The shirts and hats aren't just being sold in Corpus Christi, but also devastated areas like Aransas Pass and Rockport.

"I think it's pretty cool," Jeff Thompson said. "I mean, it's one of the storms of the century."

Thompson and his wife were here during the hurricane visiting from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He said they view the shirts as souvenirs from a historic event.

"This was an impressive storm," Thompson said. "I kind of wanted a little bit of a memory. Something to say I went through it."

Some do not agree.

"It's distasteful."

Adrianna Ortega works for Starbreak Glass and Repair, just feet away from where a t-shirt stand is set up. She said it's insensitive to those who did lose their lives and their homes.

"We haven't survived anything," Ortega said. "It wasn't fun being without power for five to six days."

The t-shirt company is from out of state, and when asked if the proceeds were going to victims, they said no. They go back to their company, but they are selling the shirts at a discounted price.

Now even though profits from those specific t-shirts are not going to victims, there are many other companies and businesses who are selling shirts and goods in order to give money back to hurricane relief.