There are massive amounts of storm debris to deal with in Corpus Christi, according to those in charge of the City's landfill.

In fact, Lawrence Mikolajczyk said there is already 50,000 cubic yards of storm debris in the form of trees and branches at the landfill already.

"We estimated we have approximately 275,000 cubic yards of debris to remove off the streets," Mikolajczyk said.

Mikolajczyk was at the drop-off for storm debris across the street from the J.C. Elliot Transfer Station Thursday. He said each double trailer debris truck was inspected to make sure that only natural debris was in the trucks.

"The goal is to prevent as much of this Hurricane Harvey from going into the Cefe Valenzuela landfill as possible," he said.

Mikolajczyk said regular garbage and recycling pickup schedules have returned to normal and the debris pickup will continue as long as needed.

"The biggest help we need is to keep the clean brush in a pile, and all of the furniture and mattresses in a pile, and fencing in a pile, and if you have a white good, keep it separate as well."

The City is also taking storm debris from all over the Coastal Bend.

"We've had a lot of requests from people in Portland, Gregory, Aransas Pass, Ingleside," Mikolajczyk said. "If they can personally bring their debris here, then yes, they can."

City officials said there is no charge right now for those who live in Rockport, Ingleside or Aransas Pass.