Tankers around the state have been lining up at fueling stations, loading up with gasoline to get the supply to gas stations around the state.

However, gas stations are reportedly running out of fuel, mainly because of widespread panic causing drivers to create a run on gas stations before the pumps go dry.

Gas stations as far north as Dallas are seeing the strain, and many drivers in the Coastal Bend are worried.

There is no reason to worry.

3News has been reporting all week that there is NOT a gas shortage in the Coastal Bend, but that has not stopped people from getting on social media and causing panic -- and those panicked drivers are causing prices at the pump to rise.

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"A lot of places, you can't get gas, or have to wait an hour for a line," said one Aransas Pass resident who has to drive 30, sometimes 40 miles just to fuel up her generator.

State representatives assure drivers that there is no fear of running out of fuel. Governor Greg Abbott issued a temporary waiver allowing expedited fuel deliveries from 25 surrounding states to Texas.

In the meantime, GasBuddy.com's Senior Analyst Dan McTeague is urging drivers to use their app or website to find gas stations that do have fuel.

"It'll save a lot of time and a lot of unnecessary anxiety," McTeague said.

There have also been reports of price gouging at the gas pump. To report that, call the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-621-0508.