One positive thing Hurricane Harvey did in the Coastal Bend is highlight the generosity of so many people.

People like fishing boat Captain Billie Kocian, who despite losing her own home, decided to step up and help fill an important need in the Rockport area.

Left devastated by Harvey, the community of Rockport is still trying to rebuild, some just needing a simple hug and the reassurance that everything will be okay.

"I understand their feelings and the emotions they are going through," Kocian said. "The only way to get through this is baby steps. If you let your emotions overrun, then I don't believe that anything is going to get accomplished."

Kocian is trying to alleviate some of that suffering. Every day she has been stopping by makeshift food stands to pick up hot meals for those who need them the most.

"Hotdogs, I got popcorn, and water to take to our senior citizens, because they don't have no cars," Kocian said. "Can't get out of their homes so I got to go give them something. Something is better than nothing."

Kocian invited 3News to ride with her Tuesday as she made personal deliveries to elderly residents in her neighborhood. Despite losing her own home in the storm, she found a calling to help others.

"I know them senior citizens are used to a routine, and if they get out of a routine it's going to make them sick, and that scares me," Kocian said.

Her first visit of the day was to 91-year-old Audrey Justice.

"I don't know what I would do with out them," Justice said. "They've been checking on her. She don't have a car. She's pretty much on our own. She's the lady who watches out after us."

Kocian said there are more elderly residents just like Audrey, especially in the county, who are unable to get out on their own and need a helping hand.

The fishing boat captain is hoping others will join her in her efforts to get food to those who need it the most.