There was a crowd of people gathered Tuesday in Rockport to get their questions answered -- questions about why FEMA was denying their storm claims, or when and how they can get their mail.

It was also a chance for everyone to get an update on the recovery efforts in that community.

The Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce Luncheon and town hall meeting was held in Rockport's historic downtown district and drew a large number of people. Some were there for the free hot meal, and others wanted to get behind the microphone to be heard.

"We've been talking to Spectrum about our internet and wi-fi, and I get nothing. Absolutely nothing," said Sharon Heien of Bayview RV. "We can't operate like that."

"Law enforcement has been directed. When you see that one Spectrum truck driving through this community, arrest them and bring them to the EOC," said Chief Rick McLester, Aransas County Emergency Management Coordinator. "That's not a joke folks. That is a true order to law enforcement. Find that guy. Have him come to the EOC. Because he needs to report to these guys as to what the heck is going on."

Joke or not, people wanted to know when they will get internet and phone service back at their businesses and homes. They attended the town hall to get answers and the mayor's of Rockport and Fulton, along with other officials, tried to get them that information.

"I did text AT&T while you were talking about AT&T, and the government relations person is getting on it to try and help with AT&T trying to get you web service and other services," District 30 State Rep. Geanie Morrison said.

Many people were also worried about what to do when FEMA turns down their request for help. Officials said to appeal the decision and not give up hope.

"Hi, I'm Dawn Huff. I am Miss Kitty's Fishing Getaways and several of my employees lost their homes and everything they own, and are there any plans in place for temporary housing?" Huff asked.

"Those things are being discussed. Each individual request you make to FEMA. There's people who have lost everything. It's not a one single option. What appears to be happening the most is FEMA is giving money to people to go get a room some place and get something temporary taken care of," McLester said. "FEMA trailers are not being discussed, but it's part of the option."

A number of residents also wanted to know about their mail service and were told that their mail carriers were having to work out of the Ingleside Post Office and are sorting their mail and delivering it as fast as they can.