He's an auto technician by trade, but lately a lot of the Portland resident's business has been focused on his lathe.

Taylor Meyers is working out of his garage to turn Harvey storm debris into works of art.

Meyers spends up to six hours turning a tree trunk into a bowl. He's not a master woodworker, because he only recently took up the hobby, but since Harvey hit the Coastal Bend he's decided he might be able to refine his skills.

"Rather than see it to go to waste, I wanted to do what I can and I figured I could possibly make stuff for people who lost a tree," Meyers said. "I know that can be difficult, so I figured it would be cool to make stuff for people so they could have it as a memoir."

He has a Facebook page called Meyers Woodworks. 3News decided to take him a piece of wood debris from Harvey to see what he could do with it.

"I need larger pieces because of the fact that the center portion of the tree dries out and cracks, so I need to avoid using that portion," Meyers said.

Meyers was thinking about having people bring him tree stumps so he could make them a bowl, but he is worried he may soon have more than he can handle.

"Yeah, I think we could definitely get overrun, but he likes to be in here carving away, so I think he will definitely be able to handle it all," his girlfriend Lauren Stolarz said.

If he does have to charge for a bowl, he plans on giving the money to the Harvey recovery effort.