Be Safe from Diabetes: Get Your Kids to Exercise

The most important tip for prevention of Type 2 diabetes in children is exercise. A recent study found that only half of U.S. youth meet physical activity standards.

Researchers with the National Institutes of Health surveyed nearly 10,000 kids between the ages of 11-16. They found that almost half of the group were less likely to exercise.

Health experts say that, if you want your children to be more active in life, the key is for parents to set the example.

"The one thing that is probably most helpful to your kids is to get active with your kid," said Dr. Sarah Lappe of Cleveland Clinic. "Don't tell them to go do something. Go do it with them."

Doctors recommend that parents spend at least 60 minutes per day playing with their children.

Here are some tips to help kids stay active:

- Take up bike riding or even playing tag. Short bursts of sprints can really use up a lot of energy.

- Play basketball, or get your kids involved in soccer.

- If your kids are not into organized sports, take them out for 30-minute brisk walks.

- Encourage your kids to take up after-school activities.


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