Saving Your Tooth

Chances are that you or an immediate family member have a condition that merits concern about the decision to save a tooth. Relax! There are many reasons to save a compromised tooth, and in most cases, they far outweigh the loss of a tooth. Making the choice to save your tooth today can make a significant difference in the way you chew, talk, smile and interact with others. Retaining your natural teeth for a lifetime helps ensure a more youthful appearance and social ease as well.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Tooth Loss?

Often, people seek out emergency dental care when they are in pain. Some of the most common reasons for emergency visits to the dental office include:

  • A Broken Or Fractured Tooth
  • An Abscess (Infection) Of The Pulp (Nerve) Of The Tooth
  • A Periodontal (Gum) Infection Or Inflammation
  • Mobile (Loose ) Teeth
  • A Badly Decayed Tooth
  • A Lost Filling
  • A Knocked Out (Avulsed) Tooth.

How Can My Tooth Be Saved?

First, the dentist must make an accurate diagnosis, to determine the exact nature of the problem. Usually, this involves taking an X-ray, making a clinical examination and taking a thorough medical/dental history. Depending upon the diagnosis, the dentist will usually make the following recommendations to save a compromised tooth.


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