Your Child's Teeth

It's never too early for good dental care. With good tooth care, your child can grow up cavity-free. Start by caring for your baby's teeth. As he or she grows, teach your child the best possible tooth care. And don't forget that healthy teeth require regular visits to the dentist.

Let's Talk About Brushing

Food particles and bacteria form a sticky substance called plaque on teeth. Bacteria in the plaque make acid that eats away the tooth's enamel (hard coating). This causes tooth decay. Brushing keeps plaque from forming. Begin brushing your baby's teeth as soon as the first tooth appears. At first, use water and a piece of cotton gauze. As more teeth come in, use a small toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. When the child is old enough to brush on his or her own, watch to be sure it's done right. Don't forget flossing; flossing removes bacteria and plaque that brushing can't reach. Fluoride makes tooth enamel stronger. This helps prevent cavities. Sealants area safe, painless, and low-cost way to help protect your child's back teeth from decay. Always watch for tooth decay, thumb sucking and pacifiers. Always call a dentist if you have a loose tooth, a knocked out tooth or brown and black spots on your tooth. Consult with your dentist if baby or adult teeth are crooked or fail to come in.


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