What was your kid's most expensive mistake? Father's Day edition

Ahead of Mother's Day, the MagnifyMoney team asked moms to reveal some of the more expensive mistakes their kids have made - and who covered the bill.

While there are many joys that come with raising kids, parents are quick to admit raising a child comes with a host of unexpected expenses. More often than not, the bill comes at fault of the child, but it’s the parent who signs a check to cover it.

MagnifyMoney recently published a video sharing New York City moms’ stories about most expensive mistakes their kids have made. The video inspired other parents from all over the U.S. to comment with stories of their own children’s mistakes.

We thought we’d share the best stories with you ahead of Father’s Day, so we pulled together some of the top cringeworthy confessions. Here are a few of the most expensive mistakes parents say their kids made.

The $25,000 eBay shopping spree

Farrah Severs-Young was just trying to remember the passwords to her online accounts. She realized the admittedly ineffective hack she used to do so was flawed when she got bills for Star Wars stuff her son bid for on Ebay totalling about $25,000.

The $5,000 load of laundry

Tim Fry says his tween’s absentmindedness caused a freak laundry room accident that cost these he and his wife $5000.

The $48,000 bathroom nightmare

WIth the purchase of pull-ups and special potties made for little ones, potty training can get expensive, but this Powell, Tenn. mother didn’t expect it to run them $48,000.

Fortunately, the house could be repaired — unlike the $20,000 of jewelry this mother lost because of her child’s trip to the bathroom.

The “Dirty” iPad

“My kiddo...killed over $1k worth of fish and coral.”

1 Hoverboard = 2 surgeries + $26,000 in medical bills

A $2,500 ear experiment

This child’s explorative spirit ended with a trip to the hospital, which then resulted in a $2,500 bill for his mom, Mistee Hansen in Boise, Idaho.

Goodbye, college scholarships

We can just feel Sandra Bettis rolling her eyes as she’s reminded of the time she advised her kid to always “follow your heart” when it came time to choose a college. Unfortunately, her daughter’s heart was not set on the school that offered her $152,000 in scholarship money.

Jennifer Brooks from Atlanta, Ga. says her daughter “developed senioritis” her last year of high school, ditching class and ultimately hurting her grades so badly that she lost a college scholarship. Again, Brooks doesn’t mention the value of the forgone scholarship, but it’s safe to assume any help with the average $20,090 it cost to attend the average in-state four year institution would help.

15 pies don’t come cheap

The $6,000 autograph

Lisa Whittaker from Tampa Bay, Fla. says when he was just learning how to write his name, she drove around with her young son’s name scribbled onto the side of her minivan so he wouldn’t think he made a mistake in practicing his penmanship on the car with a rock. It cost her $6,000 to erase the child’s writing.

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