2 Cows Get Loose Before Houston Livestock & Rodeo

HOUSTON (KTRK) - A Houston rodeo put on more than just a show.  Two cows got loose during setup for the event, triggering a real roundup.  Deborah Wrigley from KTRK reports.

She is a 2-year old Brahma heifer named Daisy, but don't let the name fool you.  Daisy caused a lot of drama, one of two that got loose during move-in.

Even in a venue where nearly everyone owns or is familiar with livestock, it turned into a standoff and Daisy had the upper hand or hoof.

"This is her first show and the other one ended up running on old Spanish trail. Both of their first show," says Daisy's handler, Michaela Buford.

The other heifer, named Lucy was brought back.  Meanwhile, Daisy kept charging toward anyone who came close including a friend of her handler.

"We were unloading them.  There's so much noise and everything, so they spazzed out.  And me and the guy getting checked on by the paramedics, they're strong.  They're incredible," says Buford.

We're told he was headbutted then stepped on, but insisted he had no serious injuries and was fine.

Finally someone threw a long utility cord around her, hobbling one leg controlling her movement.  No one wanted to risk getting closer.  So rather than moving her to a holding pen.  The holding pen was brought to her, a fence put up around the cow, a dramatic introduction to the livestock show for a heifer named Daisy.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo begins Tuesday and ends on March 18.


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